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Do PV Panels Work in Ireland?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The simple answer: yes. While the Irish climate gets its fair share of rain and cold spells, this does not mean your electricity generation will be lesser.

Photovoltaic (PV) Panels change daylight to electricity, not sunlight. The panels will generate the most electricity from May – September in the brighter months. The rest of the year there will still be a decent amount of output from the panels to power around 50% of your home, on average.

Every kilowatt of energy generated is one less bought from the National Grid meaning that your bill will be significantly reduced year-round giving PV Panels a payback time of around 8 years.

How Different Weather Effects your Electricity Production

Rainy Days

Rain is actually good for your solar panels. The rain will not change the efficiency of your panels but will help to clear dirt and debris off your system.

Cloudy Days

As long as there is brightness or daylight present the panels will collect energy to change to electricity even through the cloud cover.

Night Time

The sun goes down in the evenings so there is no daylight to give to the panels to generate electricity. To solve this problem there is the option to install a battery in your PV system so excess day-time electricity produced can be stored to use at night.

A PV system is a great investment even in the Irish climate. You can produce up to half to three-quarters of your yearly home power usage. Speak to our team today to get a quote on the best PV System for your home.

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