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Comfortably at Home

Comfort. Ease. Controlled Temperature.

Take the thinking out of replenishing oil or gas; let your Heat Pump maintain temperature and seasonally auto-adjust

Avail of up to €6,500 grants from SEAI

What is a Heat Pump?

A Heat Pump is a device that is installed outside your home. It takes free
energy from the ground or air and transforms it into heating for your home,
creating huge heating savings for you year-round.

It is an inexpensive way to heat your home, water, and maximise your
home comfort. There is also no need for expensive gas and oil anymore.

Grants are available for Heat Pumps too up to the value of €6,500, which
makes installing a heat pump to your home a no-brainer.

Benefits of using a heat pump

Energy efficient heating icon.png
No More
Fossil Fuels
Low heating bills icon.png
Lower Heating
low carbon heating icon.png
Reduced CO2 emissions
All year around icon.png
Auto Climate
Control & Comfort

Types of Heat Pumps


Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Reduce your heating costs by up to 50% with an air-to-water heat pump; drawing energy and heat from thin air to warm your home. 


Geothermal Heat Pump

Maintain a constant warmth in your home with a heat pump. The geothermal option
takes free energy from the ground to heat your home and water.

Contact our Experts

Our team have over 40 years of combined Heat Pump knowledge

  • What is Solar Energy?
    Solar Energy is energy taken from the daylight to produce electricity to run your home
  • Is my home suitable for PV Panels or a Heat Pump?
    Almost all homes are suitable for some form of renewable energy installation. Contact our team now to find out how you can retrofit today.
  • What is the appropriate solar size for my home?
    This will depend on your home, as each roof is different. We will try to fit as much PV to the roof as your space and budget allow.
  • Do I need planning permission for Solar PV?
    Solar PV systems installed in a domestic setting under 12 sq. m (and representing less than 50% of the total roof area) are exempt from planning.
  • How much of a grant can I get?
    You can receive up to €2,100 from the grant for your PV panels and battery installation. For more information click here.
  • How do I apply for a grant?
    Get in touch with our experts who will help you through the process here.
  • Are there finance options available?
    Yes, we have a number of finance options available, chat to our team now to find the best solution for you.
  • Can I put Solar PV on my farm?
    Yes, this is possible. Speak to our team now for more information.
  • Will Solar heat my water?
    Solar PV will first power the home and when this is fulfilled, will fill the storage battery. Any further excess will begin to heat the home water.
  • How long does it take to install PV?
    We can fit and install your PV system in one day.
  • What is the life span of PV Panels?
    PV Panels have a lifespan of 25 years.
  • Can I store my excess electricity?
    Yes, there is the option to install a battery in your home where you can store your excess electricity
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